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Why IT needs to think like HR

IT people are the unsung heroes of the corporate world. Without them, we couldn’t run our businesses, yet we only see them when something’s going wrong (printer’s out, internet’s down, emails aren’t coming through, etc.)

Maybe because of their relative invisibility, they’re treated as a cost centre and given that incentive, IT managers tend to be relentless cost-cutters i.e. bulk buyers. Hence, all employees end up with the same machines, the same monitors, and the same mobile devices at work.

But what if IT managers were to invest their money instead of spend it. If IT devices are productivity tools, what if the measure of success for IT was employee productivity. 

I was told of an organization that decided to abandon their policy of standardized mobile phones and let employees choose which smartphone they’d be issued. Some chose Blackberries, some chose iPhones. Yes, some extra time and money was spent making sure the internal systems were compatible; but guess what happened? Employee productivity went up. When people enjoy the device they’re using, they use it more often and they use it smarter.