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Not a Great Year for the TTC

Toronto Transit Commission, this just isn’t your year. Transit City gave this city’s residents hope of finally getting an infrastructure worthy of the “world class” adjective. Then came the fare hikes only to be followed by a major rush hour subway closure and then this picture starts circulating around the net.

TTC tracks on St. Clair

I googled this a few ways but have have yet to see any official response (feel free to post a link in the comments if you do). This is the social media amplification effect at work. Public transit is under public scrutiny. Public engagement will go a long way to earn the public trust.

One thing I’d like clarified as I have also not been able to find an answer. Will we see a commensurate tax credit increase (for metropass purchases) to go along with the fare increase? People will still be pissed about the fare hikes but at least mentioning the credit might have taken a little of the edge off…a little bit.