OMG It’s a New Facebook!

Seven different reaction to Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement at the Facebook Developer’s Conference (aka F8).

1. The Apocalyptic: Facebook is taking over the world! Say goodbye to privacy forever!

2. The Neo-Luddite: Why is Facebook doing such a drastic change, I love Facebook as it is and I don’t want to have to learn something new. I’m also suspicious of all software updates.

3. The Pundit: Facebook’s new timeline and what it means for [insert career-group and/or field of study]

4. The Self-Help Post: So Facebook has this new timeline feature. Here’s how to use it…and protect yourself.

5. The Fan Boy: All hail the Zuck! Look how cool Facebook is! G-

6. The Pissed off Google Plus Fan Boy: Wow, Facebook is running out of ideas. They’re just stealing from Google Plus. BTW, I worship at the Church of Google.

7. The Pop-Culture Nut: “Likes” the Andy Samberg opening video.

8. The Mashup Artist: If Don Draper had Facebook Timeline

9. The Clueless Sharer: Your non-techie friend who knows nothing about Timeline but posted the Don Draper Facebook Timeline video because it was the beloved Mad Men Carousel scene.

10. The Social Media Curmudgeon: I told you Face-whatever was a waste of time

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