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9 Great Online Musical Performances

My inaugural list post, inspired by a recent share.

9. Food Court Musical

Eating lunch at a mall food court is one of those mind numbingly generic experiences. So when a group of actors spontaneously break out into song, it’s pretty neat. That the experience got shared to millions on YouTube made it even neater.

8. Airport Musical

Marketers will seize on any piece of culture if they think it can help sell product. This live commercial for London plays was on brand and well executed.

7. The Collected Works of Joel Moss Levinson

Joel Moss Levinson has made a career out of entering video contests with a musical comedy style that’s part Flight of the Conchords and part Adam Sandler. I’ve written about him before showcasing the Delta Airlines video. Below is his $100,000 win with Klondike. More Joel can be seen at

6. Paul Potts on Britain’s Got Talent

BGT had a knack for finding great musical performers from the most unlikely people

5. Susan Boyle
BGT does it again the following year.

4. ChatRoullette Piano

Just when you thought Chatroulette would turn into another fad “Merton” makes a video that just might give it a whole new audience

3. Gary Brolsyma’s Numa Numa song (properly called Dragonsta Din Tea)

If it weren’t for Gary Brolsyma’s lip synced video, what would’ve happened to O-Zone? Actually, what happened to O-Zone?

2. Canon Rock

Taiwanese guitarist Jerry Chang (Jerry C) plays a sick arrangement of Pachobel’s Canon in D

1. Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir

Only on the Interweb. Eric Whitacre gathers 185 voices in 12 countries and compiles this amazing virtual choir.

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